How to use Omegle on Android

Do you want to use Omegle on android?

Unfortunately, there is no Apk file to run on android mobile.

If you want to run Omegle on mobile you need to download first any browser and then access the Omegle website there.

“Omegle” is a web-based application In Browser Search for Omegle or click here.

In this guide, you will learn how to use Omegle on android phones like in Pc.

Can you use Omegle on android?

Yes, you can use Omegle on an android phone.

But first, you need to download the browser for that to use Omegle on the android phone.

All Browser working for Omegle in Android phone to run it.

But if your iPhone user/ios for that you need to download a specific “Puffin” browser.

Here’s a step-by-step solution on how to get Omegle on Android:

  1. Download Browser
  2. Enter Omegle Address

1. Download Browser

use Omegle on Android

To use Omegle on Android Phone the first thing to do is Navigate the Play store on your device or click here.

After you navigate the play store next Open it.

Next, click on the Search bar and type browser, and download any browser.

2. Enter Omegle Address

After you download the “Browser” and install it on your device.

Next, Navigate the browser on your device and open it.

Once you open the browser Next click on the search icon and Search for Omegle or click here.

And there you will be easily able to run Omegle on an android phone.


On the Omegle website, your apk file is to run on an android phone.

To use Omegle on a mobile phone first you need to download any browser.

After that in the browser, you can use the Omegle web application in the browser.

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