How to fix the “Network Anomaly” error on Apex Legends Mobile

Are you gettings a “Network Anomaly” error in Apex mobile?

Here’s the full error message “Update Failed Error code: 154140715 Error info Network Anomaly”

Apex Legends Mobile has recently been released in 10 countries. Players get a lot of errors in the game.

One of these errors is how to fix the Network anomaly in “Apex Legends Mobile”.

Surprisingly, a lot of players seem to be facing difficulties with this error in apex mobile because there is no way to fix it in “apex game”.

To fix the “Network anomaly” error in apex mobile download a secure VPN and then connect with “Singapore VPN” and clear the cache data of apex mobile.

Here’s is step by step solutions on how to fix the “Network Anomaly” error in apex mobile:

  1. Download “Secure VPN”
  2. Connect With “Singapore”
  3. Go to mobile “Settings”
  4. Clear the cache Data of “Apex Game”

1. Download “Secure VPN”

How to fix "Network Anomaly" error on Apex Legends Mobile

To Fix the “Network Anomaly” error on apex mobile you will need to download Secure VPN from the Play store.

To do so, Navigate “Playstore” on your device and tap on it.

Next In Playstore Tap on the Search Icon and type secure VPN.

The VPN is also available on the “App Store” so if you have an iPhone device you can download it from there.

After that Tap on Installing button and download the Secure VPN.

2. Connect with the “Singapore server”

How to fix "Network Anomaly" error on Apex Legends Mobile
How to fix "Network Anomaly" error on Apex Legends Mobile

After you “download secure VPN” Next Open the Secure VPN on your device.

Once you open the app tap on the location icon in the top right corner.

After that new window will open with you where you can select different servers.

So as you know the apex legends mobile is available in some specific countries.

Here’s the list of countries the Apex Legends Mobile app is officially available to download in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Colombia

If you’re from this country then you can skip this step and jump to the next step.

If you’re not from this country connect with the Singapore server.

3. Go to mobile “Settings”

How to fix "Network Anomaly" error on Apex Legends Mobile

After you Download “secure VPN” Then next you will need to clear the cache data of “apex legends”.

To do so, Navigate to “Settings” on mobile and tap on it.

When Settings is open you will be seeing all the different settings of your mobile “Connections”, “sounds and vibration”, “Notifications” etc…

Find apps in mobile settings and tap on them.

4. Clear the cache data of the “Apex game”

How to fix "Network Anomaly" error on Apex Legends Mobile

After you tap on “apps” Next find “apex mobile in apps”.

Once you found apex mobile in the apps then open it.

You will be seeing all the different “settings” of the apex game “Notifications”, “Permission”, “mobile data”, “Battery” etc…

Here’s tap on “Storage” of “apex mobile”.

Scroll to the bottom you will be seeing two different buttons “clear data”, and “clear cache”.

Tap on clear cache data and clear the cache of the apex game.

After that go back to the game and your error will be fixed.


If you’re getting a “Network Anomaly” error on apex mobile you can fix it easily by connecting the VPN and Clearing the cache data of the apex game.

“Legends apex” is released in beta version so you may have faced a lot of different code errors.

If you are not from the 10 countries where the apex game is officially released you can’t download apex mobile.

To “download apex mobile” first download VPN then you can download the apex game on mobile.

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