How To Scan QR Codes in Splatoon 3

How To Scan QR Codes in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.

After releasing the Splatoon 3 game they share the QR code on their website.

By Scanning the QR code you will receive a free exclusive in-game banner to customize your Splashtag with that.

In this video, you will learn How to Scan Qr Codes in Splatoon 3 and what you will get after Scanning QR Code in Splatoon 3.

How to Scan “Qr Codes” in Splatoon 3

Scan QR Codes in Splatoon 3

The first thing to do is download the Nintendo Switch Online from the play store or app store.

Click here to Download on the play store and here for the App store.

How to used QR code in Splatoon 3

Once you download the app navigate to your device and open it.

Next Click on the Splatoon 3 interface from the main menu.

Scan QR Codes in Splatoon 3

After you click on the “Splatoon 3” screen this type of window will be open with you.

Here Search for the QR Code Readers and open it.

QR code in Splatoon 3

Next, it will land you on this page where you will be able to “Scan the QR code” using the smartphone’s camera or the 2nd option is to scan QR Code from a saved image.

To receive the item from the QR code after you scan the code head to the lobby terminal in Splatoon 3.

how to used the QR Code on Splatoon 3

Here open the Get Stuff and you will be received all the stuff that you get in your QR code.

What I will get After Scanning the QR Code in Splatoon 3

After you Scan the QR code in Splatoon 3 you will get an exclusive banner in your game.

With the help of the banner, you will be able to customize your Splashtag in Splatoon 3.

Here are some of the QR Code of Splatoon 3:

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