How to Fix PlayStation Store Purchasing Problem

How to fix PS Store Purchase problem

Sometimes PlayStation Store Purchasing Problem appears which is usually caused when you try to purchase a game from PlayStation Store. This problem appears on Paid Game but it can also be caused when you try to get Demo or Free-to-Play games from PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation is a home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Following are a few solutions for PlayStation Store Purchasing Problem:

  1. Restart your PlayStation console
  2. Sign Out of your User Account and Sign in Again
  3. Restore the licenses

Solution 01: Restart your PlayStation Console:

Sometimes, this PS Store error appears because of some glitch or bug that gets fixed by restarting your PlayStation console. PlayStation Store doesn’t respond accordingly to the buying request. So, try restarting your PlayStation console and check whether the problem gets solved or not. If not, then follow Solution 2.

Solution 2: Sign Out of your User Account and Sign in Again:

Sometimes, PlayStation Store gives errors because of User Accounts problems. So, I will guide you on how to Sign Out of your User Account and then Sign in again:

01: Go to Settings.

02: Open Users and Accounts.

03: From the left panel, click on Other, and select Sign-Out.04: Sign in again to your User Account.

How to Fix PlayStation Store Purchasing Problem

Now, you will be able to make purchases using PlayStation Store. Otherwise, try deleting the User account and adding the User Account again. But if the problem still exists, then follow Solution 3.

Solution 03: Restore the licenses:

01: Follow Solution 2 till you click the Other option.

02: From the right panel, click on Restore licenses.

03: A confirmation message will appear, click on the Restore button to restore the licenses.

Restoring the licenses will help you to solve the problem of purchasing errors in the PlayStation Store.


I have provided 3 solutions to fix the PlayStation Store Purchasing Problem. Following the steps for these 3 solutions will solve the issue. Hope so your problem will be solved.

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