How to Fix OpenSea Error 1024

How to Fix OpenSea Error 1024

Are you getting a “1024” error on the opensea?

Here is the full error “Error 1020 Ray ID: 653ee2b338e4033d • 2021-05-23 14:13:33 UTC Access denied” on opensea.

The 1024 Problem on the opensea is shown because the opensea will be not running in you’re country.

Alternatively, sometimes this error is shown because of “cookies”.

To fix “Opensea error 1024” and problem solved you need to clear all cookies.

Also, you can “change the browser” to fix the 1024 problem on opensea platform.

In This guide, you will learn, how to “1024 Problem solve” on opensea.

How “1024 Problem slove” on opensea

The first thing to do to “solve the 1024 problem” on opensea go to opensea website and check whether it’s available in your country or not.

The list of countries sanctioned by the US government includes, but is not limited to:

  • Belarus
  • Cuba
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

If you’re from this country then used any Free VPN to access the opensea website.

But if you’re not from this country and facing “1024 error” on opensea app.

Then maybe this is “Opensea bug” or Opensea “down”.

Alternatively, you can use some trick to fix the “1024 error” on opensea.

Here’s is how to fix the “1024 error” when using opensea:

  1. Clear All Cookies
  2. Change Browser
  3. Contact Opensea App

Method 1: Clear all Cookies

 Fix OpenSea Error 1024_1

The first method is simple to fix the 1024 error Go to your browser that you’re used for opensea app.

Next tap on “settings” and go to browser settings.

After that tap on “Security and privacy” and a new window will be open with you where you will be seeing “clear browsing data”, “Cookies and other site data”, “security”, “site settings”, etc..

Tap on clear browsing data and change the time range to “All Time” and select only “cookies and other site data”.

Then tap on the Next button at the bottom and after that restart, the browser and the “1024” problem will be solved.

Method 2: Change browser

 Fix OpenSea Error 1024_2

Sometimes this type of “problem” comes from browsers when they have not supported JavaScript.

If you’re “using any other browser” for open sea other than chrome then change to chrome.

Or If you’re using “chrome change to Microsoft edge” then check the problem will be solved.

Method 4: Contact OpenSea

 Fix OpenSea Error 1024_2

If all else fails, you can contact OpenSea for help.

In OpenSea’s Help Center, you can submit a request.

Firstly, go to OpenSea’s Help Center by clicking on this link:

Once you’re in the Help Center, click on the “Submit a request” button on the top navigation bar.

This will open the “Submit a request” page.

Firstly, select the category that you need help with.

Since you’re facing an error, you need to select “Report a Bug or Error Message”.

After you’ve selected the category, you need to provide your email address, blockchain, and transaction hash.

You also need to provide your wallet address, subject, and description.

Lastly, click on “Submit” and wait for 1 to 3 business days for OpenSea’s response.

OpenSea will respond to you via the email address that you’ve provided.


When you face the “1024 error on opensea app” then it may because you’re country name is listed in the above list.

or it also shows sometimes because of “browser cookies”.

To fix you can go to opensea help and report the new bug of opensea.

or wait for it and it will be fixed after some time.

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