How to make an Omegle bot 2022

Do you want to make your own Omegle bot?

Omegle is an online chatting platform where you will be in contact with millions of other online Users around the world.

“Omegle bot” simply connect you automatically with other stranger and send them meaningful messages.

The primary purpose of the Omegle bot is to Connect more people as possible.

In this guide, you will learn “how to make an Omegle bot”?

How to Create an Omegle bot

You can only Create an Omegle bot on your pc.

To do so, open the browser and search for the Omegle site.

Once you open the Omegle website next right click on the Omegle screen and go to the console.

In Console Enter, the JavaScript Code and Your Omege bot will be created.

Here is the step-by-step method how to Create an Omegle bot:

  1. Open the Browser
  2. Start chatting on Omegle
  3. Next Open Browser Developer Console
  4. Clear the Console and past the JavaScript

1. Open the Browser

make an Omegle bot

The first thing to do is navigate the google chrome browser on your device.

Once you navigate the browser open it.

2. Start chatting on Omegle

make an Omegle bot

After you Open the “google chrome browser” Next Go to the Search bar and search for Omegle or click here.

Once you Enter the Omegle website you will land on the main page of the Omegle.

There you need to start chatting.

To do so, click on the “video” or “Text” button in blue color.

3. Next Open Browser Developer Console

create omegle bot

When you start chattings on Omegle then “right click” on the main screen of the Omegle and go to Inspect.

In “Inspect” Search for the Console button and click on it.

4. Clear the console and past the JavaScript

create omegle bot

Next, you need to paste the Javascript code in the browser console.

To do so, Press ctrl + L to clear the console or press the clear button on your keyboard.

Once the Console is clear then past the below “Javascript” Code there.

function executeOmegle()
  let btn = document.querySelector('.disconnectbtn')
  let messageBox = document.querySelector('.chatmsg')
  let sendBtn = document.querySelector('.sendbtn')
  messageBox.innerHTML="Hello, how are you? To know about me visit"


After that, your Omegle Chat will be automatic, and in this way, you can create an Omegle bot.

What are the skills required to write an Omegle bot?

There are basically two parts to knowing when you want to right bot for Omegle.

1. Interaction: Since there is no direct API to use to interact with Omegle servers you need to use the Omegle interface.

To be able to do this, you can use mechanical browsers. There are several libraries for those: Mechanize is a famous headless browser for Python that does what you want and is available in other scripting languages too.

2. Replies: Another part of the bot is to give proper replies to Stranger messages.

For, you can use Chatterbot API for this purpose.

here or some of the best Omegle bots are available.


You can only Create the Omegle bot only on pc.

Download chrome browser Open the Omegle website there and right click on the Omegle website and go to console.

After that Clear the Console and Paste the above the JavaScript Code in the Console.

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