How to Fix “Error Code: 2122-0003” on Splatoon 3

A server communication error on Splatoon 3

Are you gettings “Erro code: 2122-0003” on Splatoon 3?

Here is the full error message “A server communication error has occurred, Please try again later”.

This Error is shown because of the low Internet which caused this error on Splatoon 3.

To Fix this Error You need Fast Internet speed if you have already “high-speed internet” the Next Thing is to restart your system.

Here are the Three different methods to fix the “Error code: 2122-0003” on Splatoon 3:

Method: 01 Restart your device

How to Fix "Error Code: 2122-0003" on Splatoon 3

The First method is simple you just need to Restart your device.

After that, it will reset all your connection.

Method: 02 Change the Character in Splatoon 3

Error code: 2122-0003 on Splatoon 3

Some Users mentioned on Twitter to fixing the A server Communication error has occurred on Splatoon 3.

You need to change the character of Splatoon 3 to fix the Error code: 2122-0003.

Here is how you can change the characters in Splatoon 3:

  1. Open the “menu”
  2. Next Click on the “Option” button from the top right side corner
  3. Click on “Other” from the side menu and select Player settings
  4. In Player, settings change the character

Method: 03 Check the Server Status

A server communication error on Splatoon 3

The last thing is to make sure that the Splatoon 3 server is working.

If the Server is down then you need to wait for 24 to 48 hours to fix the issue.

To check the Server of the Splatoon 3 go to Downdecactor or click here.

If there is any spike in the graph it means that the server is down.


If you’re facing this type of “Error Code: 2122-0003” on Splatoon 3.

It cause because of the low internet speed or from the server side.

In the above guide, we teach two different methods to fix a server communication error on Splatoon 3.

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