How to Get Chegg Answers for free 2023

How to Get Chegg Answers for Free 2023

Do you want to Unlock Chegg Answers for free?

Are you interested to unblur Chegg Answer in 2023?

Chegg is the most valuable edtech company in America connecting college students to test answers on demand.

If you don’t have Chegg Account and you want to get Chegg Answers without buying it, then read this article till the end.

Free Chegg Answers:

Follow these steps to get Chegg Answers for free in 2023:

01: Go to Chegg’s Website and search for the question of which you want to get a free answer.

02: Copy the URL of the solved question.


I am trying to get a free Chegg Answer for this question:

Chegg Answers for free
Example of a solved Chegg Question

I searched for the Answer and copied the link from the Chrome’s Address bar as mentioned in the picture above.

03: Go to HomeWorkify Website:

04: Paste the question link and click on Search.

Unlock Chegg Answers for free 2023

05: Fill the Captcha

Unblur Chegg Answers

06: For first time, this website will ask for your email address. Enter the email address and click on “View Step-by-step Solution”.

07: You will get an email. Check your inbox folder (if not found, then check your Spam folder).

08: You will see a link in the email from HomeWorkify. Copy that link and paste it into the same browser (e.g. Chrome) in which you opened HomeWorkify.

get Chegg Answers in mail for free

09: You will see the solved answers provided to you by HomeWorkify in image format. Click on the images and read your free Chegg Answers.

Unlock Chegg Answers for free 2023


I have provided an easy way to get Chegg Answers for free in 2023. Follow the steps to get Chegg Answers without making Chegg Account. Enjoy solving your assignments😊.

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