How to fix “Log In Errors” on Ome TV

 Ome tv is one of the biggest chatting websites in the world.

More than 100000 users online every time on “the website”, and “mobile app”.

With help of ome tv you can communicate with the world you can chat with every country and people around the world.

But sometimes an “annoying error” or bug is coming and we can’t access the ome tv.

In This Guide, You learn, how to “fix and bypass on login screen in ometv”.

How to “bypass on login screen” on ome tv.

The first thing you need to make an account on ome tv if you have no account on ome tv you will be facing this type of error.

To make an account on the page of ome tv tap on Facebook or Vk button which will redirect you to Facebook or Vk and you’re account will be created on ome tv.

If you have already an account on ome tv and you can’t log in to ome tv website or ome tv app.

To fix the “Login error” on ome tv you need to clear the cache data and Force stop the ome tv app.

Here is how to “bypass on login screen” on ome tv:

  1. Open “Ome tv”
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Tap on “App”
  4. Find ome tv app and Go to “Storage”

1. Open “Ome tv”

How to "bypass on login screen" in ome tv

The first thing is to open ome tv app or ome tv website in chrome.

To do so, Navigate “ome tv” app on your mobile phone and tap on it.

If you’re running ome tv on pc then go to you’re favorite browser and search for or tap here.

Once you open ome tv Next make an account if you have not yet.

To make the account tap on any one of the “social buttons” it will redirect you to the Facebook or Vk app and you will be able to make the account.

But if you have already an account on ome tv and you will be not able to login back to the ome tv then follow the next step.

2. Go to “Settings”

How to "bypass on login screen" in ome tv

Navigate the “Settings” app and go to mobile settings.

After you tap on “settings” you will land on the settings page of the mobile.

There you will be seeing all the mobile settings “sounds”, “Notification”, “Display”, “Google” etc…

On the Settings page scroll down to the bottom and find App Settings.

3. Tap on “App”

How to "bypass on login screen" in ome tv

After you tap on “settings” then go and find the app settings next to “battery”.

4. Find Ome tv App and Go to “Storage”

How to "bypass on login screen" in ome tv

Once you enter “App” in settings then next find the ome tv app in it.

You can simply find the app by scrolling down and there will be an app with the name of ome tv app tap on it.

OR you can also search directly the “ome tv” by clicking on the search icon in the top the type ome tv.

After you tap on “ome tv” app in settings all the settings of ome tv will be open with you.

where you will be seeing “Storage of the app”, “Notification of the app”, “Privacy”, etc…

How to "bypass on login screen" in ome tv

Tap on Storage of the ome tv app.

How to "bypass on login screen" in ome tv

After you tap on “Storage” Next you need to clear the data of the ome tv app.

To do so, Scroll down to the bottom and tap on clear data new pop-up will be open with a tap on ok and the “ome tv” app data will be clear.

After that Uninstall the “ome tv” app and reinstall it back.

Then log in to your ome tv app account and the login error will be fixed.

If you’re using ome tv on chrome follow the same step Go to settings then clear the data for ome tv app and then log in to you’re account and the error will be fixed.


Sometimes “ome tv show login error” when we want to log in to our account.

To bypass on login screen in ome tv app you need to clear the ome tv app data and uninstall and reinstall the app and the error will be fixed.

if you’re using chrome follow the same step that shows for the mobile app.

If you have any queries Comments are below.

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