How to delete Chegg account Permanently 2022

how to cancel study subscriptions
do you want to delete chegg account

Do want to “Delete Chegg account permanently”.

If make account in chegg and know you want to delete the chegg account for life time.

Ther is not direct option in chegg to click and “delete the account”.

If you want to delete account from chegg you first need to fill the form the chegg give for account deletions.

In the form they chegg will be ask from you you’re “first name”, “last name”, “email that you’re chegg account registered”,

Once you fill the form and submit the form then you will be “received confirmation email” from chegg.

Then Go to the email section conform the email and after 24 hours you’re “chegg account” will be delete for life time.

Here how to “delete Chegg account” permanently.

  1. Log in to “chegg account”
  2. Cancel any “active subscriptions”
  3. Fill the “form”
  4. Confirm “emails”

1. Log in to “Chegg account”

To delete your Chegg account you first need to login to you’re chegg account with those email that you want to delete it.

Once you “login to chegg account” Next Go and check if you have any open transactions (e.g., textbook or eTextbook rentals or any active subscriptions), as you will need to complete these before they can close your account. You can view your open orders by clicking the button below. 


2. Cancel any “active subscription”

Cancel any active subscriptions, return any rented textbooks, and make sure that any textbooks you’ve returned have been received.

If you have an eTextbook, you will need to wait for the rental period to expire before closing your account.

You can’t delete chegg account if you have any “rental eTextbook”.

3. Fill the “Form”

Once you cancel all the “active subscription” on chegg next Step to fill the form and delete the account.

To “Delete chegg account” you need to fill Chegg deletion form.

 Finally, fill out this form and choose “data deletion request.”

You can simply go to chegg deletion form by posting this { } in browser.

Or just click here.

To Fill the form put the first name, last name, and that you post in chegg account.

Next select request type and tap on “Data deletion Request”.

And Submit the form.

4. Confirm “email”

Once you tap on “submit button” the form will be submit and you will be received confirmation email from chegg.

Next Go to you’re “Gmail account” and find the email that you get from chegg website.

open the email and Tap on confirmed it.

After that you will be redirect to next page whre messages will be show up which says “you account is delete from chegg” permanently.


You can’t “delete chegg account” if you have any active subscription.

To delete chegg account you need to first deactivate all the actives subscription then after that you can delete the account.

Finally, fill out this form and choose “data deletion request.”

After that you will be get confirmation email confirm the email and you’re account will be delete.

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