How to check PC’s CPU Temperature in Windows 10

The ‘temperature of your computer’s CPU’ is pretty vital for keeping it healthy after all being the hot spot of calculations within your computer. it’s a good idea to keep it cool. CPU that gets a little too hot can cause all kinds of issues for your computer. it might threaten itself to keep cool which means less processing power overall in dire situations. it will cause the computer to BSOD freeze or even shut down or restart itself. As such it’s a good idea to check on low temperatures every so often. this is especially true if you put your laptop in situations where it might overheat such as on your blanket or duvet as you use the laptop in bed or even in a car. in this article, we’ll explore the different ways you can check CPU temperature in Windows 10.

Check CPU temperature in Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is a free open-source program. In this program, you measure a number of things, including the temperature of the CPU. Without restart, the computer installs this application. Open Hardware Monitor support most operating systems including 64-bit and 32bit- Microsoft windows XP 7/8/8.0/10 and Linux operation systems.

1. Go to Open Hardware Monitor in your computer browser.

2. Click on the Download Open Hardware monitor and download the application.

3. Unzip the download application and open it on your computer.

Check CPU temperature CORE TEMP

If you like something a little more focused on the processor CORE TEMP is a good choice when you need to check CPU temperature in Windows 10. It gives you everything you may want to know about your CPU such as its name the cause it uses and most importantly its temperature it will even inform you of your processor’s T-junction limit listed as t.j. Maxx above your temperatures.

 If you’d like to see the temperature in the system tray it should enable it by default.

But if not click options and then settings.

Click the windows taskbar tab and then enables windows 7 taskbar features followed by temperature, and then OK.


Hope you found this article useful. These are the two simple ways to check the CPU temperature of your computer.

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