How to Check Laptop Model & Specs

In this article, we learn how to check your own laptop and what kind of hardware is in your laptop.

A few reasons to might you need to check your laptop model and specs. Sometimes you compare your old laptop with your new one. or sometimes you want to install video games on your laptop. lots of reasons, but it’s easy to check the model and specs on your laptop.

In this article, we take some easy steps to check your model number and specs.

Finding The Model Number of Your Laptop

Model numbers help you to figure out your laptop specs and find troubleshooting information. In most cases, Luckily the laptop model number is easy to locate.

Upside-down your laptop, on the bottom of your laptop, you will see text and a logo. this is your laptop model. some laptops are listed together model and brand, but some laptops are separately listed brand and model number.

Not listed this information in all laptop bottom, so sometimes for checking the laptop model number you need to remove the bottom panel. but some simple method to find your laptop model number in your control panel.

1. Type “control panel” in the bottom-left search bar on your laptop. In result appear control panel app, and click on it.

2. click on the first option. (System and Security)

3. you see the “system” link, click on it.

4. Your laptop information will appear here. lots of laptops and computer brands and model numbers are listed here.

Checking Laptop’s Specs

Knows About CPU, GPU, or how much RAM is in your laptop, there are different ways.

Finding CPU

In windows10, is very straightforward to find what CPU in your laptop.

1. press the right button of your mouse on the window icon on the bottom-left of your laptop screen.

2. In the middle section click on “System.

3. you’re on the “about” page. you will find the “Device Specifications” section. In this section list your laptop CPU next to the Processor line.

4. In this section you can also find out how much RAM is in your laptop.

Checking GPU

GPU is very essential for video games. first, check the game requirements your laptop meet or not. sometimes you compare it with another model so you need to know what kind of GPU is in your laptop. how to find it here is the method.

1. In the bottom-left corner right-click on the window’s icon. A few different options menu appears.

2. Click on the Device Manager.

3. you are in a list of drop-down menus listed, Click the “Display Adaptors” near the top of the menu.

4. In this menu listed your GPU.

Checking How Much RAM In Your Laptop

In the top methods, you are founding to check how much RAM is in your laptop. but you can follow this instruction for an additional method to check your system’s RAM.

1. At the bottom of your laptop or computer right-click on the window’s icon.

2. In the appearing menu select the “system Option.

3. you are on the “About” page slightly scroll down and you will see “Installed RAM”.

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