How to Change Xbox Resolution to 4K

How to Enable 4K Resolution on Xbox X / S

This article will tell you how to Change Xbox Resolution to 4K on Series X / S. It’s always the best experience to use your Xbox Console with 4K resolution.  

Xbox is a gaming console brand developed and owned by Microsoft. The game console can connect to a television or other display media. Xbox provides realistic graphics for games.

Easy Way:

Before moving on to the solution, make sure that you have 4K supported monitor, then the option for 4K resolution will appear in the settings.

Following is the easy way to Change Xbox Resolution to 4K:

  1. Change the Resolution to 4K from Settings

Way 01: Change the Resolution to 4K from Settings:

In the settings of the Xbox Console, the option of 4K resolution is available so I will guide you on how to enable that Setting. To do so, follow these steps:

01: Open Settings.

02: From the left panel, click on General, and different options will appear, click on TV & Display Options.

03: There are different options available, like Display and Setup. Under the Display option, click on Resolution, and you will see an option 2160p or 4K.

4K resolution on Xbox

04: Click on that option to enable 4K resolution, but if that option is not available, follow the next step.

05: Under Setup, click on the 4K TV details option, which will tell whether you have a 4K supported console and monitor or not.

06: But if you have a 4K-supported monitor, then check your HDMI cable because maybe that is broken, faulty, or cheap which results in not showing the 4K option. So you need to buy a new HDMI cable then the 4K option will appear and you can change your resolution to 4K.

So, in this way, you can change the resolution of your Xbox Console to 4K.


I have provided an easy solution to Change Xbox Resolution to 4K. Following the steps will help you to enjoy the 4K experience. Hope so you will enjoy it.

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