How to Change Country In eFootball 2022

Do you want to change the country In eFootball 2022?

After the new update of the eFootball 2022, there are so many changes in UI and in the game.

IF you want to change country directly in efootball 2022 you can’t change b/c there is no direct option to change it.

The new “efootball 2022 was released on 1 June 2022 date” and now it’s available on the play store and app store.

When you install the Konami efootball 2022 then in the start it asks for the country to select once you select the country then you can’t change the country/region in the game.

But there is one way where you can change the country in eFootball 2022 mobile.

To change the country you need to clear the data of eFootball 2022 in mobile settings but before doing this step you must know your account credentials otherwise you will lose your account progress.

In this guide, you will be learned how to “change the country in eFootball 2022”.

How to change my region in PES?

You can’t change the region in PES in-game there is no option available for changing country in eFootball 2022.

To change the region you need to do some extra steps, In your mobile settings.

Go to mobile Settings and Search for eFootball 2022 tab on it.

After that Scroll to the bottom Search for the Storage tab on it and clear the data.

Once you clear the data “restart the game” and you will be able to change the country/region in eFootball 2022 game.

Here’s Step by Step guide on how to “change the country in eFootball 2022”:

  1. Go to mobile “Settings”
  2. Search for “eFootball 2022”
  3. Next Tap on “Storage”
  4. Clear the “data” of PES

Step 1: Go to mobile “Settings”

How to Change Country In eFootball 2022

The first thing you need to do to change the country in “efootball 2022 mobile” is going to mobile settings and open it.

Alternatively, you can go directly there by holding the eFootball icon and tapping on the “i” icon.

Step 2: Search for “efootball 2022 Konami”

How to Change Country In eFootball 2022

After your mobile settings, there search for the apps section.

In the app, you will find all the apps that are currently installed on your device and you can run them on your mobile.

There Search for “efootball 2022 Konami” by scrolling down or up.

Alternatively, you can also search for the app by tapping on the Search icon in the top type eFootball 2022.

Once you found the eFootball 2022 app in your mobile settings tab on it

After that eFootball 2022 Settings will be open where you will be seeing different settings of the app “Mobile Data”, “Battery”, “Storage”, “Memory” etc…

Here Search for Storage and tab on it where a new window will be open with you.

In the new window, there will be two options one will clear the data and the other one will clear the cache.

Tab on “Clear the data” next new pop-up will be open with you their tab on ok.

Once you Clear the Data then next Navigate the efootball 2022 on your mobile device and restart the game.

Open the Game and it will be asked for language to select a tab on your own language.

After you click on the next button it will be asked for the country/region to select there select the country that you want to change.


You can’t change the country/regions in-game b/c there is no option available to change it.

To change the country you need to do some extra steps.

The first thing you need is to go to mobile settings and search for eFootball 2022 tab on it.

Once the eFootball 2022 app settings are open then search for storage and click on it.

After you click on Storage next clear the data and restart the Game.

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