Best passive income idea for students.

In student life, passive income is very important to support yourself. that does not require too much time, money, and effort. passive income requires less maintenance than regular income. These help you make a little more money. Here are some best passive income ideas for students and those people who want to support themselves. I guarantee you that if you start working on these ideas you can earn a good income of the month.

Passive Income Ideas

01-Starting a YouTube channel

To generate a passive income, start a youtube channel. how hard to start a youtube channel? it’s a very easy method you just go to and click on create a channel and just upload videos. once you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 thousand watch time. then apply for channel monetization, youtube monetizes your channel and starts ads on your videos in return for which you make money.

02- Run a blog

Blogging is the most popular passive income stream. blogging has helped to earn passive income from sponsored, affiliate links, products, courses, posts, book deals, and much more.

For a student, A big perk of a blog is you can turn that into several different streams of income. Blogging is an easy passive income idea, and this is the perfect option for students.

03- write an e-book

Writing eBooks is another best passive income stream for students. it’s a good opportunity to write an e-book and publishing in a low cost to get your e-book seen and bought by millions of buyers worldwide. For each copy sold, you make a great income. lots of people pick a topic and write an eBook to make regular passive income money.

04- create a course

Creating video courses and selling online is one of the best passive income ideas for students. once you create a course, it’s two ways to sell online.

1. sell on your own website. Or

2. sell on Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.

There are hundreds of people who sell online courses and earn thousands of dollars passive income in month.

05- Affiliate marketing

Another one of the best passive income opportunities for students is Affiliate marketing. Bloggers, website owners, influencers, and YouTubers promote a third party’s product and get a certain percentage of commission. Create an Amazon affiliate account and sell unlimited Amazon products on your website and earn a commission.

06- Sell digital design online

If you understand a little bit about graphic design, you can easily sell your digital product on different marketplaces and make a passive income. There are so many different digital products selling websites. like Shutterstock adobe stock and Envato elements, etc.

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